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Thank you for checking out our resource page.. There are lots of resources available here, for your information. Each title below has an embedded link that will take you to a video on that topic. Please feel free to click away. 

Video on Empathy 

Video on Assumptions 

Sleep and Health

Sleep on Mental Health 

Food on Brain Functioning 

Role of the Brain in Pain 

Pain Reprocessing Therapy  

Emotion Focused Couple Therapy 

Attachment Based Family Therapy 

CAMS on Suicidal Risk 

Complex Trauma 

Impacts of Childhood Trauma on Health Outcomes 

Long-Term Chronic Stress on the Body 

The list of videos below are by Dr. Gabor Mate. He has been a huge influence to the therapeutic alliance and practices used by The Mind Body Counseling Center, PLLC. He is a great source to follow and has many videos available on YouTube. We hope these are helpful for you:

Roots of Addiction 

How to Not Screw Up Your Kids 

Step Parenting 

The Power of Connection and the Myth of Normal 


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