Individual therapy is a therapeutic interaction between a patient and professional staff. It is aimed at addressing various emotional and physiological challenges that prevent healthy daily functioning in different areas of one's life such as home, school, and school. Some of the therapeutic approaches applied for individual treatment are Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality, Triphasic Treatment for Complex PTSD, Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD, Pain Reprocessing Therapy for chronic pain, amongst other therapy modalities. There may also be an integration of various therapies to construct a personalized treatment for an individual's needs. Areas of individual therapy focus are listed below:


· Depression

· Anxiety

· Trauma

· Motivation

· Stage of life change

· Life balance

· Self-esteem

· Interpersonal skills

· Grief & Loss

· Chronic pain

· Co-dependency

· Gender Identity

· Sexual Health

· Anger

· Intrapersonal dynamics


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